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      Since ancient times, people can't live without wine, so now wine culture and wine industry economy are developing very well. Different people have different constitutions and drinking abilities. For people who are easy to get drunk, hangover is a job we often have to do. Some users mentioned that a glucose rehydration solution can cure alcoholism. In order to confirm this statement, this article will give you a detailed introduction to whether monohydrate glucose rehydration solution can solve alcoholism.
      1. Glucose is one of the main energy supplies for the human body. After glucose enters the blood, it is transported to various tissues and cells for synthesis and catabolism to provide energy for the body. Oxidation provides energy for various tissues, which is the main function of glucose monohydrate. After drinking, the alcohol in the wine is completely absorbed through the stomach and small intestine within 0.5~3 hours, and distributed in all water containing tissues and body fluids. Although ethanol is widely distributed in the body, 90% of it is catabolized in the liver. High blood alcohol concentration will not only cause some symptoms and complications of drunkenness, but also consume a lot of energy in the metabolic process. Its energy source depends on the supply of monohydrate glucose water supplement.

      2. After glucose infusion, blood sugar and blood volume increase, and body fluid is discharged through the urine of the kidney. Therefore, infusion of glucose rehydration solution with one water after getting drunk can accelerate the excretion of ethanol through urination, which can play a role in relieving alcoholism.
      3.酒精代謝過程中會發生NADH/NAD比值的改變、半乳糖耐受力的降低、甘油三酯合成增加、脂質過氧化等復雜變化,因此飲酒后會發生低血糖。低血糖通常發生在中度或重度飲酒后6~24小時,但也可發生在飲酒后不久。血糖濃度一般為1.7 mmol/L。
      3. During alcohol metabolism, there will be changes in NADH/NAD ratio, decrease in galactose tolerance, increase in triglyceride synthesis, lipid peroxidation and other complex changes, so hypoglycemia will occur after drinking. Hypoglycemia usually occurs 6 to 24 hours after moderate or heavy drinking, but it can also occur shortly after drinking. The blood glucose concentration is generally 1.7 mmol/L.
      Glucose monohydrate
      To sum up, glucose monohydrate is an effective substance to induce hypoglycemia after drinking, which is also helpful to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. It should be used rationally. In addition, we can also drink more water or milk and eat fruit to alleviate the hangover.
      The above is a detailed introduction of refined naphthalene manufacturers, and we hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude http://www.monclerjpoutlet.com
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